DabTabs 250mg HALO 99% Pure Imported Hemp Extract Isolate 25mg Per Tablet

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DabTabs 250mg HALO 99% Pure Imported Hemp Extract Isolate 25mg Per Tablet

Expected release date is Jun 27th 2017

NEW!  DabTabs - 25mg Pure CBD per Tablet

250mg of Pure Hemp Extract 99.9%


The cleanest, most advanced imported pure hemp extract isolate in the world! Our hemp isolate is made from real hemp plants, and has been sealed for maximum shelf life giving our customers a strong, full strength hemp extract that is pure and legal for sale and use in all 50 States and most countries. 

This is premier medicinal grade hemp isolate powder, selected for its superior formulation and precise properties for dabbing. This product is so powerful, most retailers struggle to maintain stock on their shelves

Used for a wide range of conditions based on severity, situation and need. Popular among CBD concentrate connoisseurs, pharmaceutical drug users, those leaving addictions and depression, those with PTSD or individuals with suicidality issues. Intended to be used with lower heat ranges than standard wax or dabs, our DabTabs can be used with any standard dabbing setup at about half-orange nail color or less. Instant action and long lasting effects that most people feel for 20-60 minutes, lasting in the body for 12-24 hours depending on condition and amount used.

- No other company matches our quality or price -

Purity: 99.9% Pure CBD (Hemp Extract Isolate) by HPLC with undetectable THC rating.

Contents: 250mg (10x 25mg DabTabs) in custom clear-view container 


All orders come with the current printed and certified lab COA plus a purity guarantee that no other provider can offer. This product is legal in every state, contains zero THC and does not show a positive on any type of urinalysis test regardless of current or past usage level, duration or number of hours since last use. 

Warrantee against defects upon delivery and/or delivery failure.